Tour of Bex and Jack’s San Francisco

One of Claudia's photos...

One of Claudia’s photos…

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might remember when I re-posted photos of San Francisco taken by a Bay Area reader who snapped pics of The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (aka Night Owls) around the city at sites featured in the story. It was AWESOME. If you missed, you can read the storified collection of Tweets below.

However, I just discovered that there’s another photo-tour of the book with even more wonderful pictures. They were taken by the brilliant Claudia Max, who translated the German editions of both this book and my upcoming YA, Alex, Approximately. DOUBLE AWESOME. Want to see the cafe at the Legion of Honor museum, where Bex and her family eat lunch…right before Bex discovers Jack’s birthday-gift of graffiti? How about the inside of the Zen Center’s bookstore, where Jack volunteers? Or the tea shop (now closed, sadly!) where Jack took Bex on their first date? IT’S ALL HERE, FOLKS. Click the links below to have a peek at Claudia’s tour of the city.

Photo set 1

Photo set 2

Green Apple Books, San Francisco (Bex went here on her birthday, before heading to the museum)

N-Judah train line and Bex’s neighborhood


Fabulous! And if you want to view the original reader photo-tour of the city, here it is in all its amazing glory: