More Young Adult Books Coming!

In case you haven’t heard by now, I have a new young adult book being published. Not just one book, but two! *cue exciting music* Okay, wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s focus on the first book, shall we? It’s titled ALEX, APPROXIMATELY, and Publishers Weekly broke the big news here:


PW Alex Approximately Deal Announcment

And more info about some of the foreign publishers was added in Publishers Marketplace:

Alex Approximately Deal Announcment PM

I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with editor Nicole Ellul at Simon Pulse. I’ve heard gushing, wonderful things about her and the entire Simon Pulse team, so this is me, feeling like one lucky gal! I’m so grateful to my fabulous agent, Laura Bradford, for negotiating this deal and pairing us up. For those of you who keep up with the ins and outs of publishing, you may remember that Arcadia Bell was put out by Simon and Schuster, so this feels a little like coming home. Also, Simon and Schuster UK published the UK/Australia/New Zealand edition of my first YA (titled NIGHT OWLS across the Pond), and they will continue to be my UK publisher for the next two young adult contemporary books. Which is WONDERFUL, because I absolutely love working with them. I mean, L-O-V-E. They are extraordinary.

Basically, my heart belongs to Simon and Schuster—US and UK.

In related news, the Spanish edition of NIGHT OWLS will be published in Argentina and Mexico in January (rolling out to other Spanish-speaking countries soon after, plus a Portuguese edition to follow). This will be published by V&R Editoras, who will also be publishing ALEX, APPROXIMATELY in 2017. I’m very, VERY excited about this. The editor at V&R is so incredibly gracious and wonderful, and I’m eager for my books to be released in Spanish! Random factoid: I almost minored in Spanish in college.

Random factoid #2: I was born in Germany and lived there for many years, so the next bit of news is also exciting… The same German publisher who put out the lovely hardcover edition of THE ANATOMICAL SHAPE OF A HEART/NIGHT OWLS earlier this year (Königskinder) will also be publishing ALEX, APPROXIMATELY.

And in other foreign language news, THE ANATOMICAL SHAPE OF A HEART/NIGHT OWLS will also be published in Turkish by Marti Publishing. Woo-hoo!