October KINDLING $1.99 sale!


In honor of New York Comic-Con, Arcadia’s publisher has dropped the US e-Book price of KINDLING THE MOON to $1.99. Hello, bargain! If you have friends who read UF and might dig this series (i.e. awesome friends), be a hero and steer them in the right direction.

(And if you or anyone you know is going to Comic-Con in NY, hash tag #NYCC on twitter, Simon and Schuster will be talking up Arcadia at booth #1828 and giving away swag. Go visit them!)

The $1.99 pricing is good through October 21st, so if you don’t own KINDLING on your Kindle or Nook or whatever, snatch it up while you can. Here’s a link to my publisher’s website that shows all the titles with this special pricing, including the Carniepunk anthology. (Is it just me, or am I the only Girl book up there? Well, Carniepunk has some cool female authors, but I’m the only Solitary Girl Author being promoted. I’ll take that as a compliment.)

kindling the moon