Arcadia #4 On-Sale Date Changed

Hold on, now. It’s only one month, but Simon and Schuster has changed Arcadia Bell book #4, BANISHING THE DARK‘S release date from April 29 to May 27th. Just between you and me, I think they’re doing it on purpose to torture us. Kidding! (But it feels that way, no?) They claim it has something to do with giving their Sales department extra lead time, so I suppose we’ll have to take them at their word. But the good news is that they sent me edit notes, so I’ll be working on the final draft over the next couple of weeks, polishing up chapters and whatnot. And I’m guessing I’ll have a cover to reveal soon. As mentioned previously, I’ve had a peek and love it.


Jenn Bennett, Tumblr

In other news, I took the leap and am now on the internet black hole that is Tumblr. Sort of. Apart from reblogging a lot of 1920s erotica and vintage horror stuff, I don’t really know what I’m doing there yet. But if you have a Tumblr account and want to follow me, this is my tumblr addy. I’ll eventually get around to posting my own stuff there.