You think *that’s* funny?

*(crossposted at Bradford Bunch blog)

I like to laugh, but humor is rarely universal, nor timeless. One person’s side stitch is another’s head scratch.

Let’s pretend we’re on a blind date. You naturally want to know more about me. I could tell you about my family, places I’ve lived…my favorite color. But if you really want to get a quick-and-dirty snapshot of me, then you might ask me this: what are your top ten favorite television comedies? Are you asking? All righty then…


10. Spaced: Where we all met Simon Pegg before Shaun of the Dead, and Edgar Wright before Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Took homage to a new level.
9. Curb Your Enthusiasm: I view this as an extension of Seinfeld, which I love, only BIGGER. Love the shock value and cringe-producing moments.
8. The Addams Family: Absurd, bizarre, dark, subversive (and The Munsters was just silly).
7. The Mighty Boosh: Psychedelic madness and silliness. Did I mention the crimping? Calm a llama down!
6. The Young Ones: I’m a fan of all the British Alternative Comedy shows from the 80s (& offshoots)—Blackadder, Comic Strip Presents, Ab Fab. But growing up with this show on repeat every week clinches it for me.
5. The Office (UK & US): Where the US version has managed to spread out the funny by exploring a larger pool of characters and situations, the original UK version condensed its painfully awkward hilarity into twelve pitch-perfect episodes. Both are brilliant.
4. The Daily Show: Jon Stewart is my hero because he’s whipsmart, self-deprecating, and can beat you up with words. So hot.
3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Despicable, stupid people doing horrible things to each other. What’s not to love? Sidesplittingly hilarious. I’ll have the milksteak, boiled over hard, and your finest jellybeans, raw.
2. I Love Lucy: Lucy was sneaky, rebellious, stubborn, creative, cocky, flawed, AND beautiful. Comedy perfection.
1. Arrested Development: This show has made me laugh more than any other show. Period.