RITA Award Winner, Right Here!

RITAjennIf you didn’t hear my gasp of shock on social media, my first young adult book, THE ANATOMICAL SHAPE OF A HEART won the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Award for Young Adult Romance. In case you don’t know, these awards are basically the Oscars of romance writing, and the highest honor in the industry. They were announced at a ceremony this weekend in San Diego, California at the annual national conference, which 2000 romance writers attended.

Though I didn’t accept the award in person, my literary agent, Laura Bradford, was my stand-in, and she accepted the award for me, delivering my acceptance speech with style and grace (so MUCH grace, in fact, that I’d like her to give all my speeches going forward). It’s strange to write a speech in advance for something that you may not win—and I can honestly say that I really, REALLY did not think I would. Which is one reason I didn’t attend the conference. However, I watched the awards ceremony via the livestream feed that was telecast online, and it was…beyond exciting. I gasped. I said filthy things. I shouted at the screen. And I hurt my neck from holding my breath and shaking. I’m so thrilled, so humbled, and so very proud. Thank you, RWA, for this honor! Complete list of winners at USAToday.