Cady is back!

It’s been a long wait since last year, but the third book in the Arcadia Bell series is finally out. *throws confetti* I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Other Tidbits:

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Upcoming festivities:

Coming tomorrow: return to my blog to read an interview with the cover model of the Arcadia books (she’s awesome!) and for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Arcadia art print!

Coming next week: Tynga’s Reviews will feature a guest blog of mine: When I’m Not Writing. You’ll be able to see some of my never-before-seen-online artwork there, along with my Ouija Board collection and a Super Cute Evil Pug photo.

Coming in June: If you live in Toronto and can hold out until June 1st, WORLD’S BIGGEST BOOKSTORE (on Edward Street) is doing a special feature of BINDING + the other Arcadia books in their Sci-Fi/Fantasy section, along with an interview of mine. Check back for a link to the interview.


*Concerning Barnes and Noble: If you live in the states and normally shop for my books in paperback form at Barnes and Noble, you won’t find this title in your local store. That’s because Barnes and Noble and my publisher, Simon and Schuster, are in a months-long, ongoing dispute over promotional money. You can read about it here at the New York Times, or here on fellow Simon and Schuster paranormal author (and all-around cool person) Delilah S. Dawson‘s blog. This dispute hurts hundreds of Simon and Schuster authors who aren’t mega-bestsellers, and, yep, I am one of those. B&N originally committed to buying a quantity of BINDING THE SHADOWS for all their stores, but has not placed that order because my publisher is refusing to meet some undisclosed demands—ones that don’t pertain to me or my books. And how, you might ask, do I feel about this? Pretty pissed off. Frustrated. Thoroughly disappointed. I used to work for Barnes and Noble managing stores, and loved my time with them. I also love Simon and Schuster; they’ve been good to me. As Delilah said in her blog post, it’s sort of like Mom and Dad are fighting, and authors are the kids in the middle who end up getting hurt. But I do hope that if you want the paperback of this title, you’ll consider buying a copy at your local indie bookstore (like Powell’s in Portland, or you can search for one here at Indie Bound), or maybe Books-a-Million, or perhaps ordering a copy from one of the retailers listed above—Book Depository has free shipping, and Amazon has discounted the title (free 2-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime).