Locus Magazine Review & Summoning the Night

The August issue of Locus Magazine says some nice things about KINDLING (“a solid start to a hot new urban fantasy series”):

Regarding Summoning the Night . . . Many of you have asked me when book 2 goes on sale, and why so long between books, and what happens in book 2? Well, I can’t answer all those questions, but I’ll share what I can.

My editor told me that the release date for Arcadia 2 was changed from April to May, but on Simon & Schuster’s website, it’s just just been listed as April 24. I’m not sure if that will slip a couple of weeks, or if that’s the official date. But I’m assuming it will release around that time. I have no control over this, of course. SUMMONING was written a year ago. Book 3 & 4 are already loosely plotted. The publishing world moves along at its own pace as things are done behind the scenes (cover art, sales & marketing meetings, etc).

A sneak preview of the first chapter of SUMMONING is included in the paperback version of KINDLING; I’m assuming it’s in the e-Book version as well. But I can tell you that it takes place a few weeks after the events in KINDLING, right before Halloween, and centers on a string of crimes involving a local boogeyman called The Snatcher. I can also tell you that it contains several additional subplots, new characters, bigger roles for a couple of minor characters in KINDLING, and about 50% more Jupe.