Weekend Time Machine: 1999

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was my mom-in-law’s birthday, so we made an out-of-state trip to celebrate with family. We spent a lot of time laughing as we combed through boxes in storage. Oh, the discoveries! We found my sis-in-law’s HEAVILY sequined prom dress with crazy shoulder pads, awesome Molly Ringwald-esque hats from the 80s, and a hellabunch of embarrassing photos like these:

Oh, yeah, baby. The hubs and I circa 1999 at the Hollywood Wax Museum. It looks like I had no arms and was wearing a wolf pelt on my back. There's also one of me in front of Xena and Hercules; be glad I spared you that one.


Hubs and I, Disneyland (again, circa 1999). Dear God, had I been drinking?

This is back when Mr. Bennett and I lived outside of Los Angeles. I managed a bookstore, he was a buyer for Tower Records, and everyone was afraid that their cars would stop working as a result of the impending Y2K crisis. For the record, I owned a banged-up Dodge Neon at the time and was mildly disappointed when it cranked up the morning after.

Apart from that trip down memory lane, I read a couple of fantastic books outside of my genre this weekend, visited a strange warehouse brimming with oddities (I posted pics on twitter), and sat in a hammock swing. Blissful laziness.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with an incredibly nice review at RhiReading blog, which said, among other flattering things, that KINDLING THE MOON is “a mature, highly refined urban fantasy full of darkness, charm and sensuality . . .” and “an insta-classic . . .” How cool is that?