Release Day!

KINDLING in the wild! Myrtle Beach Books-a-Million via Anjelica on FB

Hey, y’all! My book is finally street-legal and officially published! *throws confetti* To celebrate, I’ll be in a number of places today:

• I blogged (hilariously, I might add) on Pocket After Dark 10 Reasons Why KINDLING THE MOON is Awesome! Go forth and discover the awesomeness!

• I also guest blogged on (the terribly lovely UK urban fantasy author) Suzanne McLeod‘s blog about Authors’ Mothers, and why mine was just not that into my book.* Suzanne added some awesomely hilarious Mother photos (of Joyce Summers, Buffy’s mom) and the cutest picture ever of her doggie and my book. I’m currently reading the first Spellcrackers book in Suzanne’s series, and it is wonderful, fun stuff, just FYI.

*note: after I wrote this guest blog, the Mother in question has written to tell me that she DID enjoy the book . . . just not all the bad words, evil occult-y things, and sexytimes, I suspect.

• Here is a thoughtful (okay, and a bit playful and wacky) Q&A with Gareth from Falcata Times in the UK, as well as a very lovely review.

• Here is another review from Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks that totally made my day! Not only can she make an impressive lobster balloon animal (check out her vlog from a few days back) she said very nice things about the book, and she liked the same things that I liked about writing it. Plus, she pictures Lon as Johnny Depp, and I’m definitely down with that!

• Reminder: you still have one more day to decide what you’d like Arcadia to serve you at Tambuku Tiki Lounge in order to enter a giveaway at The Qwillery for a signed copy of my book (and read a Q&A).

• July 5th is the deadline for another giveaway of my book at Dark Faerie Tales, where Angela is asking what you’d do with magic (and where you can also read a guest blog about why Arcadia Bell is Not a Witch).

• And did you read my crazy Q&A with Synde (including why I’d totally do FDR) on Tombstone Tails (plus, she’s got jewelry at Etsy, folks)?

• There are a few nice reviews on Goodreads already. Several book bloggers have indicated that they’ll be posting reviews on their sites this week. I’ll try to list them here in an update later today. If you’ve read the book and wouldn’t mind posting a short review on Amazon or Goodreads, that would also be super-sweet and thoughtful.

• Today I’m going to pop in a couple of Atlanta area bookstores and sign stock. Then the hubs is going to take me out to a pub for a little celebration dinner, and possibly a good pint of ale! Maybe even a VERY good one. Cheers!