Holy ****, I have an agent!

Rather exciting, at least to me: I’ve accepted representation from the smart and funny Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency.

She considered a manuscript of mine almost a year ago and rejected it (thank God, because it wasn’t ready for publication). I was lucky to receive some generous personalized rejections from other agents that read partials and fulls, but hers was possibly the nicest because she took the time to say exactly why she was rejecting it. I liked her for that, and when I decided to dump that project and write a new one, I only sent it out to about ten agents. Once again, I was lucky, and the new project got a lot of interest; I sent out several fulls and partials. Instead of waiting with bated breath, I kept writing.

And writing.

I got so lost in two additional manuscripts that I was surprised when one of the original agents I’d queried requested a full almost three months later. Even more surprised when Laura did too. Still, I put it out of my mind and kept writing.

When Laura called, I was playing with my dogs in the backyard. Not only had I missed her call, I’d missed a lengthy—and hilarious—reply thread on twitter about the age difference between my manuscript’s protag (25) and her love interest (42). I nearly wet my pants when I went back and read it…

Here’s how it started. Laura asks:

Holy crap, that’s my manuscript she’s talking about!  Surely this isn’t controversial, right?

Exactly. Whew.


She is and there’s respect. So it’s fine, right?

Okay, sure, it *could* be squicky, but still cool, yeah?

Understandable, to be sure, but my protag’s love interest is not having a mid-life crisis, so I think I’m safe.

Uh-oh. He totally has a kid. It really didn’t *seem* all that controversial when I wrote it. A little ballsy, maybe. At least it’s unusual and it’ll stand out, right?

Wait, what?

I’m 38, my husband’s 40, though naiveté is debatable, I suppose...

Okay, whew! I’m sticking with these.